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If you have an issue with the Phones & Accessories you could be entitled to a refund. Use our free tool to raise an issue with the service provider.

Online mobile retailers provide appropriate grievance redressal mechanism for efficient customer service. Manufacturers selling mobile phones, laptops, earphones, phone cases & covers, etc., also try to ensure that a customer has a hassle-free experience when shopping for phones & accessories online.

  • If you buy phones & accessories from the manufacturer, you can approach their customer care department via resolver to submit your issue.
  • If you buy phones & accessories from a retailer, dealership or an online store, then you may approach the seller’s customer care cell via resolver to raise an issue.
  • If there are manufacturing defects in your device, your complaint will be directed to the device’s manufacturer.
  • In case something goes wrong, online mobile websites are well equipped with providing a decent resolution. Through Resolver you can easily initiate a redressal process against a particular issue. 

How to make a phones & accessories complaint?

To submit a grievance against phones & accessories seller in India, you should follow the given steps:

  • Gather your paperwork (like bills, debit/credit card receipts, etc.)  related to the purchase of the mobile phone, and contact the seller from whom you made the purchase, whether online or offline. Most sellers have a grievance redressal mechanism in place. You must check the refund, return and exchange policy of the seller before placing an order.
  • If the seller refuses to help you or does not provide a satisfactory resolution, approach the customer care head of the business and register an official complaint. You can also escalate the matter by approaching the corporate office of the online phone seller.
  • If the business fails to provide a solution, or if you're not happy with the result, you can serve a month’s legal notice to the online company to allow them some time to resolve your issue - failing which, you may take legal action.
  • As a last resort, you can take legal action against the business by filing a consumer case at an appropriate consumer forum and follow the procedure as prescribed under the law. Generally, it takes a minimum of 2 to 3 years for a consumer case to settle.

Whether you purchase phones & accessories from an online shop or an offline seller like a departmental store, a wholesale shop, a supermarket or even a local dealership - you can raise an issue. However, you need to make sure that the offline seller has appropriate redressal mechanism in place. Some shops do not offer returns of products once sold, while some offer only an exchange. To avoid any future problems, clarify the policies from the seller itself. Also, get your purchase billed so as to have a proof of purchase.

How will Resolver help you?

If you have a complaint, first make sure that is reasonable. If you believe that it is, you can use Resolver to submit your issue. Any complaint from Resolver is an official complaint, and the bank is therefore obliged to act upon it. Resolver plays the role of the bridge between you and the company you’re complaining to, making it easier for you to get your complaint to the right place at the right time. Resolver is free. No adverts, no hidden costs. Start by telling us the name of the company or organization you have an issue with, raise a case and leave feedback afterwards.


Repair shop broke my phone! What to do?

If your mobile repair service causes more damage to your smartphone, you should take action. However, make sure that you have credible proof that the damage was caused in their custody. 


My mobile phone has been lost/stolen!

Having your phone stolen can be extremely upsetting! If you are a victim of mobile phone theft you should dial 100, contact the police and obtain an FIR within 24 hours, which will aid any insurance claim. If your phone is lost/stolen, you should also contact your provider in order to have it ‘blocked’ as quickly as possible. Take swift action in informing your mobile phone company and SIM card service provider in such a case.


How to claim mobile phone insurance?

Mobile insurance policies cover fire, theft, accident, and other such unfortunate circumstances. There are also several exclusions in a smartphone insurance policy which is why you should ask your mobile insurance company about all the nitty gritties involved- you don’t want to end up paying extra!

  • You should contact your insurer immediately as the loss/damage happens as some companies have strict time limits in which you can start your claim. Read your policy small print as there may be restrictions.
  • Retain original bills & receipts related to your mobile phone purchase and attached policy documents. Make sure you have the mobile number, IMEI number, make & model number, etc., saved safely.
  • Approach the insurance company and give details about the incident in support of your insurance claim. Attach a copy of the FIR as well in case of theft.
  • After evaluating the market value of your smartphone and the damage caused, at par with policy terms and conditions, the insurance company will release an amount to cover the damage caused.

Damaged item

As a consumer, you are the person responsible for noticing if there is a problem or fault with the phone or its accessories, and you must act quickly to inform the seller that you have an issue. Problems and faults with items you buy can be major or minor and include any fault or shortcoming in the quality, quantity, purity, standard, etc required as per the company’s claims. 


It is really frustrating when the item you ordered does not work as it is supposed to. A minor fault will be one where there is a fault with the appearance or finish of an item, or if the item has been scratched since the item will still work and do what it is supposed to do.


You can seek recompense from the provider against the defective product. The possible solutions you are entitled to:

  • come over the defect, 
  • give a replacement product, and 
  • refund your money or 
  • should pay compensation for the defect cause loss or any injury to you. 

If you have an issue with your mobile phone contract, use Resolver to raise the issue with your service provider. If you remain dissatisfied with the response, Resolver will help you to escalate your concerns to the relevant superior authority. 

My phone was delivered to the wrong address

Unless you’ve arranged for the order to be delivered by your own choice of delivery service or courier, the trader is responsible for the order until the point you receive it. It's always a good idea to check the shipping address before submitting your order. Ensure that customer care details like address, email, phone number/helplines of the e-commerce company are available. Before making a payment, confirm that the product is deliverable to your postal pin code.


Device is broken

  • On the off chance that your phone structures some portion of your phone contract, your case would be against your cell phone provider and you might be qualified for a free fix or substitution as a major aspect of your agreement. It merits checking your mobile operator’s terms and conditions to know what you're qualified for. 
  • On the off chance that you purchased the cell phone yourself with no month to month contract, at that point it's the retailer and not the service provider who is in charge of managing your issue.


  • In addition to your rights, your mobile/ handset will normally have a manufacturer’s guarantee. You can claim this if your mobile develops a fault during the guarantee period. If a fault occurs a long time after purchase but within the guarantee period, pursuing the guarantee may be your best remedy. 

What to do if I receive an item not as described?

Do not tamper with or use the phone or accessories if you are dissatisfied with it as it is different from how it was described. Keep them in the same package the way you received them. Call the customer care number of the company to file a complaint. The company has two options - either resolve the issue at the current stage or direct your complaint to the manufacturer/service provider. Your mobile provider – in addition to providing their service to you with reasonable skill and care – has to ensure the accessories are of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.


My phone not delivered

If the seller neglects or refuses to deliver the goods to you, you may sue them for non-delivery. The goods remain at the seller’s risk until they are transferred to you, but when they are transferred to you, the goods are at your risk whether delivery has been made or not. The retailer or you can repudiate the contract before the date of delivery, the other may treat the contract as rescinded and sue for damages for the breach. You can get a refund or credit for their purchase.


Expectations not met

Do not tamper with or use the phone or accessories if you are dissatisfied with it. Keep them in the same package the way you received them. Call the customer care number of the company to file a complaint. The company has two options - either resolve the issue at this current stage or direct your complaint to the manufacturer/service provider. Your mobile provider – in addition to providing their service to you with reasonable skill and care – has to ensure the accessories are of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.


My operator Refuses to fix/replace my phone

Most significant retailers work a decently customer-friendly returns policy. However, they accept returned items within a certain time period. You should be aware that you are legally entitled to a replacement only if the phone or accessory is faulty. Most retailers will ask for proof of purchase (your receipt, or in some cases your debit/credit card statement, will suffice). You should be able to find details of the shop’s policy either in-store, on the back of your receipt or on their website.


You should return the unwanted goods in as perfect a condition as possible, including all packaging. If you cannot do this, it is likely that your request for a replacement will be refused; alternatively, you may be offered a credit note.




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