How to complain

Complaining is never an easy feat. Especially when you want to complain and get a solution which justifies the damage borne by you! To know how to successfully complain about a company, without whining and creating a fuss- read through our guide on top tips on complaining. No matter what your issue is, through this short guide, you'll be able to handle your complaints more effectively!

1. How to complain about a company – collect proof

Without proof of the occurrence of the issue, all your efforts would render futile. To avoid that, make sure that you keep a record of all the details of your issue. Digital or printed receipts, recorded telephonic calls, emails, messages, account transaction statements, CCTV footage, videos, pictures, handwritten notes, bills of purchase, etc come in handy when you want to raise an issue. As a precautionary measure, keep details of your complaint, including who you spoke to and when. In case your issue does not get resolved in the first attempt, you are going to need documented evidence to take the next step. Keeping records of your issue backs up your case if and when the matter escalates.

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2. How to complain about a company – know what you want

Why do you want to raise an issue? Of course, it is not just to help the business improve its services. Your priority would be to obtain a reasonable solution to your problem. The best way to ascertain how much compensation you deserve or what remedy you should get is to figure out the value of the product or service you paid for and the cost of damage you bore. There is no straitjacket formula to find out the exact amount of damage, it is ascertained through a fair and reasonable calculation. Companies offer non-monetary solutions in the form of discount coupons, free services, etc – accept these only if you are satisfied with their resolution. Be clear about your needs, if you want compensation, make sure you ask for it. If you want the company just to rectify the situation, be clear about it as well.

3. How to complain about a company – have realistic expectations

You'll only get what you paid for and for the inconvenience caused to you. Nothing more, nothing less. Keep your expectations as close to reality as you can because companies pay nothing above what's absolutely necessary. Companies will also try to negotiate and bargain their way out of such a situation. All you need to do is to know your rights and to what extent is the business liable. You can make a compelling case if you are aware of your rights.

4. How to complain about a company – avoid obscurity, be clear

When stating an issue, it is only natural to provide as much detail as possible to prove the validity of your case. However, make sure that you don't lose track of your story while you are at it. Giving excessive detail can backfire. You wouldn't want someone to lose interest in your case. All your efforts would render futile if someone misses the point in your case. Keeping your complaint well structured, concise and to the point will help you get your point across without losing value.

5.  How to complain about a company – be reasonable

Customer care departments tackle thousands of disgruntled customers every day. Being courteous and reasonable to them can help you in the long run. Maintain your cool and support the concerned person in investigating your matter. Know that they are there to help you. Focus on resolving the problem – not prolonging the complaints process. Businesses are focused on resolving, so have the same approach and if possible, find some common ground. You may get your matter resolved without escalating it.

6. How to complain about a company – complain systematically

Instead of writing directly to the managing director, follow the hierarchy and try to resolve the complaint with the business through their established customer care centers. If you cannot resolve the issue at the primary level, you can escalate it to higher levels. Don't confuse and mishmash the order of complaint escalation procedure. Going by the given hierarchy will help you build a better case.

7. How to complain about a company – remember they need you

Remember they need you more than you need them! It's more expensive to find new customers than it is to keep existing ones. If you have been a loyal customer of the company, then know that they have made good money from you. They should realize how valuable you are and they should work to ensure that you are happy at the end of the complaints process.  

8. How to complain about a company – don’t lose hope

If you're not getting what you want, even after being fair and following the due process diligently, do not give up. Sometimes issues take a lot of time to get resolved. If you want to give up simply because you don’t have time to deal with it then think again. Resolver is here to assist you in solving your issue and helping you get connected with the right person. Pursue the issue and with our help, give a closure to your problem. Remember, the consumer is the king- and you only deserve the best.

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