Resolver is a free online tool which assists consumers in raising and resolving issues. Resolver acts as a bridge between the consumer and the business, championing better outcomes for the parties involved.

We make complaining easy- for free

It is indeed challenging to get heard amongst 1.3 billion people. The never-ending queues, hours of waiting on the phone, gruelling issue escalation methods, add to the tedious process of filing a complaint. 

Defying traditional complaint redressal mechanisms, Resolver simplifies consumer rights and provides guidance for filing consumer complaints. Resolver's system makes recommendations on escalation steps and when to take them, connecting the complainant with the right people and/or key industry regulators and ombudsmen. Resolver also helps consumers keep track of their complaint and stores all relevant information securely in one place for easy access.

Our ethics

Resolver has been built by consumers, for consumers. We only treat you how we would like to be treated ourselves. Rest assured, you’re in good hands! 

We do not display adverts, we do not sell or give your personal data to anyone except the company you have an issue with or with the escalating authority. We will never sell you anything. We make sure that your complaint gets resolved free of cost, in the most effective way.

Our history

Originally started by James Walker in the UK, Resolver launched in India in 2019 under the control of Pratyush Singh.

Back in 2012, after an energy company ignored a complaint of his, James realised that complaining was complex, hard work and that there was no service that proactively helped consumers resolve their issues. This was the beginning of Resolver, and since then we have internationally addressed over 3 million consumer grievances.

Who we work with

We’ve built our system with comprehensive research into correct complaint procedures of different companies and industries. We regularly consult with key industry regulators, ombudsmen, government departments, private consumer care departments and consumer rights organisations to serve you better. Resolver database is ever evolving in order to ensure that every consumer gets the best experience.

Being fair to businesses

Resolver does not choose sides in the Indian market. We understand how businesses wish to provide the best to their customers. So we are focused on helping them understand and resolve consumer issues promptly and privately. Our aim is to create a win-win situation for both parties. We ensure that customers are happy with the outcome and want to remain loyal to the organisation. Resolver customer satisfaction scores are based on the feedback given by Resolver users at the point of case resolution. Only companies with more than 50 cases are included in these published data sets.

Who do you have an issue with?

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