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  1. If the IMPS/UPI transaction has failed or timed out, check if the amount is credited to the beneficiary within 2 days of the transaction.

YOUR RIGHTS: If your account has not been debited:

  • Wait for some time and check your mini-statement or account balance.
  • If the bank does not credit or refund, call Customer Care. 
  • If you are sure the transaction did not take place, initiate a fresh transaction.


  1. If your account has been debited but the beneficiary’s account has not been credited.


  • Wait for 1-2 days and check if the amount has been credited.
  • The bank should immediately refund the amount.


You can simply raise an issue via Resolver to ensure timely resolution of your complaint.

You should know
  • On the off chance, if you face an issue with Money Transfers and Unified Payment Interface (UPI) exchanges, your issue can be settled within 30 days by following the due method. 
  • The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) oversees and monitors the Indian digital payment platforms and settlement system. Portable based applications like Google pay, PayTm, PayPal, apple pay, PhonePay, Amazon Pay, Freecharge, Bhim application, and so on come helpful in case you need to transfer cash when you have no money in hand.

How to solve the issue with UPI service provider? 


Under the supervision of the Reserve Bank of India, buyers can submit grievances against prepaid instruments and other payment service providers before Banking Payments Ombudsman. The strategy to be pursued to determine the resolving process is - 


  • You should deliver the issue to the concerned service provider. On the off chance that the answer has not received within one month or the supplier has denied the grievance or you are disappointed with the reaction of the supplier, an objection can be documented before the ombudsman. 
  • An objection can be sent online or by sending messages to the ombudsman or by essentially writing on a paper. 
  • The ombudsman does not charge any sort of expense or cost for documenting customer grievance. 
  • In the application, the name and address of the complainant, name and address of the assigned bank office, concerned actualities to assemble the case, supporting records and the relief by you ought to be referenced. 
  • Within one month of arrangement and common understanding, the ombudsman will pass an award. On the off chance, if you acknowledge the award, it ends up official and if you do not acknowledge the award, you can dismiss it and appeal within 30 days from the receipt of the award.


What ought to be the purposes behind the complaint? 


Objections identified with UPI, Bharat bill payment framework, UPI QR code can fall inside the extent of banking ombudsman. In addition, grounds like unapproved money transfer, delay in the instalment of checks, refusal or postponement in shutting the bank account, non-recognition of RBI rules, inability to effect online payment, online payment failed, inability to refund cash and so forth can be utilized to document an issue before the ombudsman. 


The complaint will be dismissed by the Ombudsman if you have submitted the same grievance before some other forum. 


What all would you be able to claim? 


Rs. 20 Lakhs is as far as possible for compensation given by the Digital Payments Ombudsman. Rs. 1 Lakh can be guaranteed on the ground of mental misery, loss of consumer’s' time and costs brought about by you during the procedures. 


How will RBI help you?


The Reserve bank of India has started a UPI platform to transfer cash from one wallet to another and in the long run, from your wallets to accounts. Any individual can have an e-wallet by confirming their telephone number through a one-time password (OTP) and legitimate records. RBI is the administrative body which oversees all the money transfers, UPI administrations and computerized instalment administrations. RBI has likewise made Digital Payments Ombudsman to determine customer issues about money transfers, UPI services and other advanced cash matters. 

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