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If you have an issue with your specialty trip, you could be entitled to a refund. Use our free tool to raise an issue with the service provider.

A specialty travel package holiday is where two or more key elements are provided under a single contract (flights, accommodation, etc.). It can be in India or abroad. Be reasonable in your expectations; the more you pay the higher your expectations should be. Did you get what you expected, was it as represented and was it a reasonable experience? If not, then you can consider complaining If the tour operator has advertised the specialty package as including certain services, you are entitled to receive these services – if you feel that you’ve not gotten what you paid for, you can use Resolver to file a complaint with your tour operator. Everything in the package must be as described, and that the tour operator is responsible if your holiday isn’t as expected.

 A travel agency's main task is to act as an agent, selling travel products and services on behalf of a tour operator or airline. Should there be an issue with the travel or package you reserved it won't usually be the responsibility of the travel agent, instead it’ll be the responsibility of the tour operator. If you reserved just the transport or accommodation and you encounter difficulty then you will need to complain to the hotel or transport provider direct. Your travel agent should help you with this. 

Your rights as a specialty traveller

If you have experienced poor service or your specialty travel is not what you expected then:

  • Report it as soon as you can; report the issue to someone from your specialty travel service provider. Explain clearly what you want to be done. Remember to jot down their name and also the time and date you raised the problem
  • Remember to ask what the representative of the company recommends as the next step in the complaints process and what timescales this will take
  • Get proofs whenever you’ll be able to; take photos or videos of the problem, names and email addresses of anyone else that has experienced the same problems
  • Raise an issue; formally you should ideally submit a complaint as soon as you get home. Resolver can assist you to submit your complaint with the specialty travel operator.
  • Escalate your issue; if you do not receive a satisfactory redressal then you can file a consumer case at an appropriate consumer court.

When raising the issue, you should do so with the specialty package operator, rather than any booking agent, as they are responsible for the entire package.

How will Resolver help?

Resolver plays the role of the bridge between you and the Company. It makes it easier for you to contact the company’s customer service directly. You can be certain that you’re talking to the right person at the right time. We automatically connect you to contacts at thousands of household names and regulators to find a resolution. There’s no jargon in our rights guides. Instead, they’re full of the information you need to get things sorted. We’ll constantly be on hand with steerage and support to assist you to get the results you’re trying to find. Resolver is free. No adverts, no hidden costs. Start by telling us the name of the company or organization you have an issue with, raise a case and leave feedback afterward.

The experience was unsatisfactory

Specialty Travel is not about places, it is about people and their preferential places. With the option of choice, the business of specialty travel has seen flocking of customers. As a consumer, you are required to provide your preferences, kind of travel required, food options, travel options, the average age of travelers amongst others. The basic expectations arising from such travels can be enlisted as:

  1. Comfortable hotel or outdoor stay with basic facilities,
  2. Comfortable and on-time mode of transport,
  3. Adherence to food preferences,
  4. Itinerary designed according to specifications (adventurous, relaxing, thrilling or sight-seeing),
  5. Delivery of promises made at the time of booking,
  6. The standard mode of transport for arrival or departure,
  7. Value for money experience,
  8. Personalized experiences keeping in mind the preferences and age group of travelers, amongst others.

However, there can be instances where these expectations are not met and the consumer is unsatisfied with the service received. In such scenarios, there are two platforms on which the remedy is available, depending on the mode of booking. When such services are availed through a Company/ Hotel / Online Application, you can directly raise a complaint on the portal or contact customer care or raise an issue in the Consumer forum. Second, if the service was provided by an individual tour guide or a company, you can file a case against them for deficiency in service. However, if in any case, your complaint does not go through, Resolver will assist you in contacting the appropriate authority and providing an appropriate solution.

Were you overcharged for your booking?

Specialty travels are the travel facilities tailored to your needs and preferences ensuring comfort, travel needs, and other important details. Since these facilities exclusively cater to your needs, they tend to be a tad bit more expensive than normal travel plans and tours. However, the amount so charged includes the charges of accommodation, food (if requested), local travel, any other ancillary charges in form of entry fees or tickets and round trip fare to and from the place. The amount is decided at the time of availing the package so designed. However, there may be instances where you are overcharged on the following things:

  1. The additional amount added up in the number of tickets for the round trip;
  2. Extra charges on accommodation;
  3. Extra charges on recreational activities; Low standard of food as compared to what was charged for, and promised.
  4. No local transportation facilities provided, amongst others. 

If you have been charged far more than the estimated amount, you have a right to approach the concerned authority with your grievances. You have two remedies for instances when you are overcharged. You can either claim reimbursement for the overcharged price or ask for damages or ask for compensation for the money spent out of your pocket for the services which should have been provided by the specialty travel company. If your claim is found genuine, the additional amount gets credited to you. However, if you are not satisfied with the response of the authorities, you can contact the Resolver Group and be rest assured.

Helping you with Specialty Travel services

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Key companies include:

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