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If you have an issue with an online seller, you could be entitled to a refund. Use our free tool to raise an issue.

Coupons and Rebates are two widely known promotional tools used in sales promotion program. The major difference between the two is that in case of Coupon you receive a discount at the time of their purchase. However, in the case of Rebate, discount or incentive is received after the purchase. This guide will brief you on your rights and provide solutions in case you face an issue.

How to file a complaint with an online seller?

  • Gather your paperwork related to the coupon or rebate offered, and contact the local seller from whom you made the purchase, whether online or offline. Most sellers have a complaint resolution mechanism in place, including refund and return policies which are communicated at the time of purchase.
  • Upon unsatisfaction, you may escalate the matter to the Grievance Redressal Officer, of the concerned seller.
  • Usually, your issue should be resolved within a reasonable time. If the seller fails to do so, or if you're not happy with the result, you can serve a months' notice and allow the seller some time rectify the wrong- failing which, you may file a consumer case.
  • Finally, you can take legal action against the business by filing a consumer case at an appropriate consumer forum.

How will Resolver help you?

If you have a bonafide complaint, Resolver will help you to submit your issue for free. Any complaint from Resolver is an official complaint, and thus the concerned sellers are obliged to act upon it. Resolver acts as a link between you and the company you’re complaining to,  making it easier for you to get your complaint to the right place at the right time. Resolver is free. No adverts, no hidden costs. Start by telling us the name of the company or organisation you have an issue with, raise a case and leave feedback afterwards.

How to make sure that the coupon is redeemed?

You must first make sure that the coupon is valid and is not expired. Additionally, only one coupon can be applied on a single transaction. Before making an order apply the coupon code and you will see that payable amount has reduced, therefore the coupon is applied. Now, you may follow the usual procedure of placing an order. On the checkout page, you will observe the coupon discount is applied. If you face an issue with the seller, use Resolver to help you with the same.

Are all payment methods accepted for the coupon discount?

Yes, mostly all the payment methods are accepted for the coupon case you face an issue, Resolver can help you escalate the complaint.

The service provided to me was not satisfactory

Complain in person: The first easy step is to go back to the shop or contact the call centre and explain the problem and your suggested resolution.

Complain in writing: If the company won't help over the phone, the simplest way to take your complaint further is using this free online tool which helps draft your complaint and manage it too.

Court action: If all else fails and the shop hasn't given you a satisfactory response, you have a legal right to fair service. Ideally, send a ‘letter before action’ (legal notice) to say you are going to take them to court.

You may also escalate the complaint via Resolver. 

Is the receipt of payment essential for raising a complaint?

The production of a receipt is necessary for every claim of refund, replacement or repair. By not issuing the receipt, the businesses:

  • manage to evade taxes, and
  • prevent consumers from raising an issue due to lack of evidence

You can complain against those who do not issue the bill. Even a handwritten bill or a kachcha bill is a credible source when filing a complaint. As a general rule, you should always make sure that the shopkeeper provides you with a proper cash memo of your purchase. It is your right to demand a receipt. If a receipt is not provided to you even after repeated requests, you may escalate your matter before the concerned authorities. A payment confirmation email or an SMS received from an online seller also qualifies as a legitimate receipt. In case you face any issue, use Resolver to help you with the same.

Will I get an additional coupon discount on multiple quantities of a product?

Generally, the Coupon discount is applied only to a single unit of your purchase. For instance, if you collect a Coupon of 10% off on Item X worth INR 200 and you go on purchasing 5 units of Item X for INR 1.000, you'll get a total discount of INR 20 only.

In Summary

  • Read the terms and conditions before making any transaction.
  • In case you face any issue contact the customer care department, thereafter you may approach the Grievance Redressal Officer.
  • Resolver can also help you to escalate your claim.

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