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If you have an issue with an online seller, you could be entitled to a refund. Use our free tool to raise an issue with an online shopping website.

Clothing, shoes & accessories - the three essentials of perfect attire! With thousands of e-commerce websites offering all kinds of fashion, we’re all spoilt for choice. It is your right to take action if an online purchase goes wrong. 

How to raise a complaint with a clothing, shoes & accessories business?

To submit a grievance with clothing, shoes & accessories seller in India, you should follow the given steps:

  • Gather your paperwork (like bills, debit/credit card receipts, etc.)  related to the purchase and contact the seller, whether online or offline. Most sellers have a grievance resolution mechanism to resolve consumer issues quickly. You must check the refund, return and exchange policy of the seller before placing an order.
  • If the seller refuses to help you or does not provide a satisfactory resolution, approach the customer care cell of the retail company and register an official complaint against the brand. You can also escalate the matter by approaching the corporate office of the apparel manufacturer.
  • Usually, the business will assist and resolve your issue within a reasonable time. If they fail to do so, you can serve a month’s legal notice to the online shopping company to allow them some time to resolve your issue - failing which, you may take legal action.
  • If all else fails, you can take legal action against the e-commerce business by filing a consumer case at an appropriate consumer forum and follow the procedure as prescribed under the law. Generally, it takes a minimum of 2 to 3 years to resolve a consumer case.

My online order hasn’t arrived on the delivery date, what to do?

Every seller is legally obliged to deliver the product within a specified time period or on expected delivery date without undue delay. If the expected delivery date has been expired and you haven’t received your order, immediately contact your seller on their customer care helpline number or you can drop emails describing your issue and wait for their reply.

In the event that the seller unjustly disregards or won't convey the products to you, you may sue the dealer for non-conveyance. Except if mutually consented, the goods remain at the seller’s risk until the property therein is transferred to the buyer, but when the property is transferred to the buyer, the goods are at your risk whether delivery has been attempted or not.

  • In case the order was prepaid, you can contact the company’s customer care helpline or drop emails communicating your issues with them, to get a refund or credit for your purchase. 
  • If the order was a cash on delivery one, you can easily ask for damages for the breach of contract. 

My order shows delivered, but I haven’t received it 

  1. First of all, check whether you have given the right shipping address, if yes, then track your online order under ‘Order Status’ head mentioned on every online retail website/platform/portal. 
  2. If it shows that the order is delivered (but you haven’t received it) see if you have received any notification of attempted delivery. 
  3. If yes, then look around for possible delivery locations, like contact your apartment’s security guard or your neighbour or it might be delivered at your old office’s address or residence. 
  4. If nothing works, wait for at least 24 hours as sometimes due to technical issues, the product shows delivered while still in transit. If the product is not yet delivered within 24 hours, you can contact the seller and ask for a refund.

If your order is late 

Delay beyond the period of delivery of goods or in providing the services amounts to restrictive trade practice as it is likely to lead to a rise in the price. You are entitled to expect the delivery of your goods within 30 days of purchase. 

If delivery has taken longer than this, you are entitled to a full refund on return of the goods (or possibly of a refund of your delivery costs – although this depends on the reason for the delay). If you have agreed on delivery at a certain time, you can claim a full refund on your delivery costs if the trader does not deliver at the specified time.

  • Your first step should be to make a complaint with the seller that your order has not been delivered and seek to remedy the situation.
  • If the seller promises to deliver the product the very next day or within a day or two, you can either agree to it or ask him to cancel your order and pay you the amount you had already paid, like delivery cost, shipping charges, etc. 

Damaged item

As a consumer, you are the person responsible for noticing if there is a problem or fault with the clothing item, shoes or accessories you bought, and you must quickly inform the seller that you have an issue. Problems and faults with items you buy can be major or minor and include any fault or shortcoming in the quality, quantity, purity, standard etc required as per the company’s claims. You can seek recompense from a Consumer Forum against the defective or damaged clothing product. This forum would need the manufacturer to:

  1. come over the defect, 
  2. give a replacement product,
  3. Or refund the consumer's money
  4. should pay compensation for the defect, if it has caused any loss or injury to the consumer. 

Delivery to the wrong location

Unless you’ve arranged for the order to be delivered by your own choice of delivery service or courier, the trader is responsible for the order until the point you receive it. Ensure that customer care details like address, email, phone number/helplines of the e-commerce company are available. Before making a payment, confirm that the product is deliverable to your postal pin code.

Expectations not met 

Do not tamper with or use the clothing product if you are dissatisfied with it. Call the toll-free customer care number of the e-commerce service provider to file a complaint. The company has two options - either resolve the issue at this current stage or direct your complaint to the manufacturer/service provider. However, clothing and shoe retailers do not warrant those product descriptions or other content of their site is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. If a product offered by them is not as described, your sole remedy is to return it in unused condition.

That is not what I ordered!

On the off chance, if you have received a wrong order, the seller is legitimately required to send the right order or pay the customer's cash in full - including delivery costs. The seller can request you to return the order, yet he has no lawful commitment to do as such. If, however, you have contacted the seller to return the order, you can ask for replacement or full refund. 

Missing item

The offering of clothing or accessory items with the intention of not providing them as offered amounts to "unfair trade practice" and a consumer can seek redressal for the same from Central Council. In case something is missing, you should contact the trader immediately and ask them to resolve the issue.

The order I received is of poor quality

In order to address poor quality issues, you have to be specific about the quality of the product you received. You have to be clear about the unacceptable defect(s) in your order. If you are not at all satisfied with the order you can either ask for refund or replacement. Before filing a complaint with the seller, make sure that the name of the seller on the contract matches with the receiver of payments. Check order description, product info, terms and conditions of the product usage, etc. If everything goes smoothly, you can hold your seller accountable and ask for refund or replacement. 

The seller has refused my refund request 

Most major retailers operate a fairly customer-friendly returns policy and will accept returned items within a certain time period. However, in case the request for refund is refused by the retailer, the following could be the reasons:

  1. Absence of proof of purchase  (your receipt, or in some cases your debit/credit card statement, will suffice).
  2. Goods are not in proper condition and unpacked.
  3. You crossed the time limit within which the request had to be made.

Points to remember before you shop:-

  • Always make sure that you are aware of an online company cancellation, return, exchange and refund policies in order to avoid any inconvenience. 
  • Companies also offer self-shipping in some cases. 
  • Some personal clothing items cannot be returned or exchanged. The option of return or exchange is also limited to certain days beyond which, no such action can be initiated. 
  • Generally, it is the responsibility of the seller and the clothing, footwear & accessories manufacturer to ensure that the apparel does not cause any harm to the user- in case it happens, they are bound to provide compensation. 
  • As a precautionary measure, you should always check the quality of a wearable product thoroughly before making the purchase. 
  • It is also recommended to read the product description, and reviews on credible websites to avoid any trouble.

How can Resolver help you?

In the event that you have a bonafide grievance, Resolver will assist you with submitting your issue for free. Any grievance from Resolver is an official grievance, and along these lines, the concerned service providers and merchants are obliged to follow up on it. Resolver goes about as a connection among you and the organization you're grumbling to, making it simpler for you to get your issue to the perfect spot at the correct time. Resolver is free. No adverts, no shrouded expenses. Begin by submitting to us the name of the organization or association you have an issue with, raise a case and leave feedback a short time later.

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