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If you have an issue with arts & entertainment services, you could be entitled to a refund. Use our free tool to raise an issue with the service provider.

The new millennium brought with it diverse forms of art and entertainment. The entertainment industry is booming with enormous users. This guide will brief you on your rights as consumers and will provide you with solutions in case you face an issue.

How to file a complaint with the arts & entertainment service provider?

In case you face any issue with the arts and entertainment service provider,  you may:

  • Retain the paperwork related to the purchase of the service, and contact the online/offline provider from whom you made the purchase, Mostly the sellers have a complaint resolution mechanism in place, including return and refund policies which are stated at the time of purchase. Resolver can help you contact the service provider well in time.
  • If the provider denies to help you or does not provide satisfying results, approach the customer care cell of the manufacturer brand and file an official complaint. You can also escalate the matter by approaching the corporate office of the business. Alternatively, use Resolver to escalate your complaint.
  • Generally, the provider will assist and resolve your issue within a reasonable time. If they fail to do so, or if you're unhappy with the result, you can serve a months' notice to the company to allow them some time rectify the wrong.
  • Finally, you can take legal action against the business by filing a consumer case at an appropriate consumer forum. However, it is a route to take.

How will Resolver help you?

Resolver identifies the following steps to take to escalate your claim and will remind you what to do and when so that your voice is heard and expectedly your issue is addressed. Resolver will help you to submit your issue for free, with no adverts or hidden costs. Any complaint from Resolver is an official complaint, and thus the concerned service provider or seller are obliged to act upon it. Resolver acts as a link between you and the service provider you’re complaining to, making it simpler for you to get your complaint to the right place at the right time. Start by telling us the name of the company or service provider you have an issue with, raise a case and leave feedback afterwards.

The item I purchased was incorrectly priced, what to do?

Generally, an entertainment company advertise only that particular service or tickets at a price which they offer to charge. If you have been misled or deceived, by them take a screenshot when you buy in case the company changes the price or product description later. Raise an issue with its help centre, following which the seller may either contact you for instructions before completing the purchase or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation. You can also escalate the claim via Resolver.

The discount I applied for, was not offered to me, what to do? 

If you applied the discount code while making the payment on an entertainment website, but your transaction was unsuccessful. Further on trying again it states “code already used”. You can reuse the discount coupon after 30 minutes as it sometimes gets blocked for security measure. You can also try to reuse it right away. Please stand if the page mentions a waiting time. Do not reload the page again and again. If the issue persists, use Resolver to raise an issue with the company's help centre. In case you missed to apply the discount while making the final payment, there is no way the offer can be applied after booking.

I made the payment but it was not accepted

If you face problems during the payment process and they cannot be resolved at the time the issue arises, it is ideal to contact your bank or card provider and ask them to investigate on your behalf. This includes your debit/credit card being declined or overcharged.

If your credit card statement contains incorrect charges or charges for products and services you did not receive, then you should dispute these charges. Both Visa and MasterCard offer a zero-liability policy: you will not be liable if your card or card number is used without your authorisation, as long as you have complied with the Cardholder Agreement.

Is the receipt of payment essential for raising a complaint?

The production of a receipt is a prerequisite for every claim of refund, replacement or repair. By not issuing the receipt, the businesses:

  • manage to evade taxes, and
  • prevent consumers from raising an issue due to lack of evidence

You can complain against those who do not issue the bill. Even a handwritten bill or a kachcha bill is a credible source when filing a complaint. As a general rule, you should always make sure that the shopkeeper provides you with a proper cash memo of your purchase. It is your right to demand a receipt. If a receipt is not provided to you even after repeated requests, you may escalate your matter before the concerned authorities. A payment confirmation email or an SMS received from an online retailer also qualifies as a legitimate receipt. In case you face an issue, use Resolver to help you with the same.

Resolver promises

We will never share your personal data with anyone without your permission - your case will go to the firm you’re complaining about and, if appropriate, to an ombudsman.

If you find something wrong with a company or our processes, tell us and we will put it right.

You can raise a complaint against Resolver via Resolver itself.

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