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You have a right to privacy under the Constitution of India. If your personal data is shared without your knowledge and consent, you can seek remedy for any damages caused. 

Your information (including any sensitive financial information) should be kept secure in accordance with the Information Technology Act.

There are other easy steps you can take to keep your details safe online:

  • Change your password 
  • Check for an encryption key whenever you pay (this is a small key symbol in the payment portal) to make sure that the transaction is secure.
  • Before making a purchase, read the terms of use and privacy policy. Details such as disclosure of your debit card number with a third party would be mentioned here.
You should know
  • Every person who wishes to visit any foreign country need to ask one thing - ‘Do I have to apply for a visa?’. Yes, you have to and if you face any issue with the visa process, the dispute would be resolved within 2 working days.
  • Visa is a valid international travel document which permits you to enter a foreign country. Once you get a visa, it will get stamped and glued to your passport.
  • In case you haven't received your visa within the specified time period, follow these steps to know what possible actions you can choose in order to get your visa.

There are several visas that you may apply, to legally enter a foreign country. Few of the basic visa types are -

  • Work visa - if you wish to take employment or perform any business activities.
  • Student visa - if you wish to enroll yourself into a postsecondary educational institution, obtain a student visa for temporary residence
  • Business visa - if you wish to engage in business activities without receiving any income from that country, obtain a business visa.
  • Travel visa - if you want to visit the foreign country for travel or tourism purposes, obtain travel or tourist visa for planned time.
  • Spousal visa - if you want to visit your spouse

How to submit complaints about travel visa related services in India?

VFS Global is a company which has collaborated with the government of India, UK, and Australia to manage visa and passport application processes. It aims to provide a response to your complaint within 48 hours of receipt of your feedback. The company will try to meet the deadline to resolve the dispute at earliest.

  • In order to file a complaint, you have to register your feedback through the link provided on their official website under the head Contact us.
  • If you are not satisfied with their feedback response, you can escalate your complaint through the link provided on their official website under the head Contact us.
  • VFS complaint management system helps you to log a complaint in form of feedback, track it and then escalate your complaint for a better response. Once your complaint has been resolved, you can close it and fill an appreciation form on their website.

You can also submit any visa or immigration queries according to your resident and visiting country. The said form is available on their website under the head contact us. Media queries are also entertained by them to provide a satisfactory experience.

Things you need to know

  1. Your visa type

There are different types of visa a person can obtain depending upon their needs and requirements. If you want a visa for travel purposes, get a tourist visa, if you a visa for business purposes, obtain a business visa. If you want to study abroad, get a study visa for a temporary stay. Before filing an application form, do remember your visa type. Prepare your application in accordance with the appropriate jurisdiction and the required documents for the service.

  1. How to apply?

You can file for your visa application through VFS Global. You can file your application form in person at the visa application center. Make sure to make a prior appointment. You should have the copy of online application form and appointment confirmation letter. Keep all the mandatory documents and sheets for a quick procedure.

  1. After submission

You can track your application through automated SMS and email service by the provider. You need to pay a fee for this service. You can choose this paid service while submitting the application form. You can also track your application online once it has been submitted at the visa application center.

How to collect your visa?

You can collect your documents and visa via courier services.

Is the visa fee refundable?

No. The visa fee is non- refundable.

Paid the visa fees but did not schedule the visa appointment?

The fee is non-refundable so if you want you can reschedule your appointment twice within a year.

Can you go for an alternative dispute mechanism?

Unfortunately, there is no alternate recourse.

How to renew my visa?

Your visa contains an issue and expiry date. You must renew visa if the visa has expired. Expiration of visa should not be confused with expiration of passport. You can only renew the type of visa which you has before. You must fulfil the requirements of the visa you want to renew. You can only renew your visa from your home country.

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