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You should know
  • Make sure that the drug you have bought is not banned by the Department of Drugs Control
  • Always visit a Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) for your health concerns
  • Verify the date of expiry mentioned on the label of the medicine or drug
  • Demand for the bill for the purchase of the drug
  • Verify that the price charged by the chemist is the same as the MRP printed on the label
  • Check for signs of tampering, or half-opened packs before walking away
  • Always buy from a registered pharmacist and no one else

Pharmacy chains generally have their own customer care departments in place to address consumer queries. In case the pharmacy fails to help you, you can reach out to the Drugs Control Department.

Every district has a separate Drug Control Officer. Always provide the area pin code of the pharmacy from where you made the purchase when you file a complaint at the Drugs Control Department. To ensure necessary action against the drug store, you’ll be required to provide the following information:

  1. Your name, area, and pin code
  2. Details of the issue
  3. Name of the medicine & the manufacturer. Note down the batch number, expiry date, etc as well.
  4. Name and address of the pharmacy
  5. A copy of the original bill

What to do if you get expired medicines from a chemist shop?

Pharmacies are mandated to clear out expired medicines and drugs within 15 days of the date of expiry. Consuming old, unused and expired medicines can put you in grave danger. It is always best to check the expiry date of a product bought from a pharmacy. In case you end up consuming expired medicines, immediately contact your nearest health professional and get thoroughly checked for any adverse reactions.

You may also alert the pharmacy about the sale of an expired product. Make sure that you have procured a bill of purchase to support your claim. You can also escalate the matter by following these steps:

  1. Approach the State Drug Control Department in your area and lodge a formal complaint against the pharmacy. Attach a copy of the bill/receipt with your complaint. As per the law, no retailer can sell an expired product.
  2. You can also make a complaint to the Food & Drug Association of your state. The FDA has the power to cancel the drug license of such a retailer.
  3. To escalate the matter, you can file a claim for compensation at an appropriate District Consumer Forum. In many cases, the court has awarded damages to the consumer for consuming an outdated medicine due to an error by the druggist.

I have been given the wrong medicine by the chemist!

Always make sure that your doctor or the medical practitioner write in legible handwriting on your prescription. As per the Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations, 2002, “every physician should prescribe drugs with generic names legibly and preferably in capital letters and he/she shall ensure that there are a rational prescription and use of drugs.”

Check whether the pharmacist has given the exact same drugs as prescribed by your doctor. If you see any difference in the medicine or the dosage- clarify immediately. Also, sometimes similar compounds of medicines are sold by different names. In such a case, you may accept a different medicine under a different brand name provided that it has the same effect as intended.

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