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In case you face an issue with the pets and animals products seller, you may:

  • Retain the paperwork related to the purchase of the service, and contact the online/offline provider from whom you made the purchase, Mostly the sellers have a complaint resolution mechanism in place, including return and refund policies which are stated at the time of purchase. Resolver can help you contact the service provider well in time.
  • If the provider denies to help you or does not provide satisfying results, approach the customer care cell of the manufacturer brand and file an official complaint. You can also escalate the matter by approaching the corporate office of the business. Alternatively, use Resolver to escalate your complaint.
  • Generally, the provider will assist and resolve your issue within a reasonable time. If they fail to do so, or if you're unhappy with the result, you can serve a months' notice to the company to allow them some time rectify the wrong.
  • Finally, you can take legal action against the business by filing a consumer case at an appropriate consumer forum. However, it is a long route to take.

The item I purchased was damaged, what to do?

As a precautionary measure, you should always check the quality of the product thoroughly before making the purchase. It is also recommended to read the product service reviews on reliable websites to avoid any inconvenience. Also, check the return, refund and exchange policy of a seller before making the purchase. Even after taking all these measures the product is found to be damaged. Then you may contact the seller’s customer care department. You may take help of Resolver to help you resolve the issue. 


I made the payment but it was not accepted!

If you face problems during the payment process and they cannot be resolved at the time the issue arises, it is ideal to contact your bank or card provider and ask them to investigate on your behalf. This includes your debit/credit card being declined or overcharged.


If your credit card statement contains incorrect charges or charges for products and services you did not receive, then you should dispute these charges. Both Visa and MasterCard offer a zero-liability policy: you will not be liable if your card or card number is used without your authorisation, as long as you have complied with the Cardholder Agreement.


Is the receipt of payment essential for raising a complaint?

The production of a receipt is a prerequisite for every claim of refund, replacement or repair. By not issuing the receipt, the businesses:

  • manage to evade taxes, and
  • prevent consumers from raising an issue due to lack of evidence

You can complain against those who do not issue the bill. Even a handwritten bill or a kachcha bill is a credible source when filing a complaint. As a general rule, you should always make sure that the shopkeeper provides you with a proper cash memo of your purchase. It is your right to demand a receipt. If a receipt is not provided to you even after repeated requests, you may escalate your matter before the concerned authorities. A payment confirmation email or an SMS received from an online retailer also qualifies as a legitimate receipt. In case you face an issue, use Resolver to help you with the same.

The product I purchased was incorrectly priced!

An issue with price generally involves:

  • Price higher than the MRP
  • Price lower than the MRP
  • Fake discount offered
  • Very high shipping or delivery charges

Such practices are termed as an unfair trade practice and a consumer can seek redressal against them. In case of purchase from online retailers, take a screenshot of the product/service you purchased, in case the company changes the price or product description later. You can also use Resolver to escalate your complaint with the seller.

I was overcharged for the product!

You should take pictures of any barcodes or sale stickers present on the purchased item. In cases where the machine has not recognized a reduced price, it is likely that you will only be able to complain after you have paid. We advise you to approach a member of staff before leaving the shop – most issues can be quickly resolved, as shops generally want to keep you as a customer! 

If your issue can’t be resolved in-store, you can use Resolver to make a complaint.


The product I purchased got delivered to the wrong address! 

If the delivery service has been provided by the seller, and then the delivery has been made to the wrong location- immediately alert the seller by dropping an email. If the seller refuses to provide help with your order, you may escalate your complaint to the concerned authorities.


There was a delay in the delivery of the product!

Delay beyond the specified period of delivery of a shipment. You are entitled to expect delivery of your goods within a maximum of 30 days of purchase. If delivery has taken longer than this, then you are entitled to a full refund on return of the goods (or possibly of a refund of your delivery costs-although this depends on the reason for the delay). If you have agreed on delivery at a certain time, you can claim a full refund on your delivery costs if the seller does not deliver at the specified time.

The product I purchased was not delivered to me!

The law allows a full refund in case of no delivery. Make sure you have all the necessary documents with respect to your claim. If the seller causes you a loss as a result of non-delivery of products, you might be eligible for compensation against the loss as well.

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