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You should always expect services you pay for to be of a reasonable standard. If the service you receive doesn’t match up to what you’ve paid for, you have the right to expect the matter to be resolved to your satisfaction.

Raise a complaint with the customer care via Resolver, depending on the mode of booking. 

Claim full reimbursement or compensation in part or damages or any other remedy that may fit as per the situation.

Further, in case you require future assistance or guidance, you can get in touch with Resolver.

You should know
  • A luxury travel package holiday is where two or more key elements are provided under a single contract (flights, accommodation, etc.). It can be in India or abroad
  • Be reasonable in your expectations; the more you pay the higher your expectations should be
  • Did you get what you expected, was it as described and was it a reasonable experience? If not, then you can consider complaining
  • If the tour operator has advertised the luxury package as including certain services, you are entitled to receive these services – if you feel that you’ve not gotten what you paid for, you can use Resolver to file a complaint with your tour operator.
  • Everything in the package must be as described, and that the tour operator is liable where your holiday isn’t as expected.

A travel agency's main function is to act as an agent, selling travel products and services on behalf of a tour operator or airline. Should there be a problem with the travel or package you booked it will not normally be the responsibility of the travel agent but the tour operator. If you booked only transport or accommodation and you encounter an issue then you may have to complain to the hotel or transport provider direct. Your travel agent should assist you with this.

When is it reasonable to complain?
It is important to bear in mind that things don’t always go to plan, so you need to remember to be reasonable with your expectations.

If you are not satisfied
If you have experienced poor service or your luxury holiday is not what you expected then:

  • Report it as soon as you can, report the issue to someone from your luxury package holiday service provider. Explain clearly what you want to be done. Remember to take down their name and the time and date you reported the issue
  • Remember to ask: what the representative of the company recommends as the next step in the complaints process and what timescales this will take
  • Get evidence: wherever you can, take photos or videos of the problem, names and email addresses of anyone else that has experienced the same problems
  • Submit a complaint formally: you should ideally submit a complaint when you get home. Resolver can assist you to submit your complaint with the luxury tour operator.
  • Escalate your issue: If you do not receive a satisfactory redressal then you can file a consumer case at an appropriate consumer court.

Who do you raise your issue with?
When raising the issue, you should do so with the luxury package holiday operator, rather than any booking agent, as they are responsible for the entire package.

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