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Timely service is the essence of bus services. Any delay by the service provider can have far-reaching consequences including delay in reaching the destination, missing an important event, amongst others.

It is your duty to arrive at the bus stop in advance to avoid delay.

If you feel the bus driver took a longer route or was otherwise careless with your time, you can complain against the same.

However, if your service is delayed without the fault of the driver, you cannot complain.

Resolver will assist you in filing a complaint with the appropriate authorities. You’ll also receive timely updates on your case.

You should know
  • All bus and coach operating companies have different rules relating to customer issues, try and go through their customer care policy before making a booking.
  • You must always complain to the bus company directly if you have a complaint about the service and give as much detail as possible.
  • If you cannot settle your complaint directly with the bus company you can escalate the matter by approaching a court of law.

How to file a complaint against a private bus company?

  1. You should raise the issue with the bus driver or the conductor if there’s a problem during the journey. They should be able to assist you immediately.
  2. If there’s a complaint before or after the bus journey, you should file a written complaint at the consumer grievance redressal cell of the concerned bus service provider. If there's no such department in place, then you should approach their immediate contact person.
  3. By experience, your complaint should be resolved within 7-10 days. If the bus company fails to do so, or if you are not satisfied with the outcome, then you have the option to escalate the matter at an appropriate consumer forum.
  4. Before approaching the consumer court, you must serve a month's notice to the bus service provider to allow them a chance of rectification. If they still fail, then you should file a formal consumer case under "deficiency of service".

I booked a bus journey through an online portal or a third party

The online bus booking portal or the third party will only be concerned with your issue if they have made a mistake while making your booking. However, you can contact them to understand more about your issue and the related redressal procedure.

How to file a complaint against a state-owned bus service?

In India, every state has its own mode of transportation services. Such buses are owned and regulated by the state. In case of a grievance, you have to raise your issue with the state authorities only.

If you have a complaint against Delhi Tourism Corporation (DTC) bus service

  1. DTC has a dedicated complaint redressal cell to deal with consumer complaints. You can file a complaint through their telephone helpline or by sending an email through Resolver.
  2. If your complaint is not resolved or if you're unsatisfied with the outcome, escalation of your issue can be made to the Public Grievance Commission. You also have the option to approach an appropriate consumer forum if you want to take legal recourse.


  • The State Transport Department of Bhopal has a dedicated helpline for lodging complaint against overloading of passenger buses and other vehicles. Complaints submitted through WhatsApp are also admitted. Bus drivers violating traffic laws and rules can be fined.
  • The Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport bus undertaking, also known as ‘BEST’ bus service in Mumbai entertains complaints pertaining to the rude behaviour of the staff, over speeding of buses, reckless driving, etc. The undertaking will act on your complaint and reach to a conclusion within two weeks.
  • The Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation hears complaints against bus operating staff during the journey, insanitation at depots, substandard food served at depot's restaurant or poor services.


Can I complain against the pollution caused by buses?

Yes, you may complain against the pollution generated by buses to the respective State Transport Department.


How can I complain against a Volvo bus or a tempo traveller?

The procedure of complaining against such bus coaches is similar to that of complaining against a private bus service.


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Following action

Setting up a case in resolver will mean the company is automatically nudged with a reminder email if it does not respond. If you are not happy when a response does arrive, the system reminds you when you can raise your case to the next most senior level of management within the company.

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