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  • Transaction sessions on most entertainment websites last for 10-12 minutes. Try to make the payment again within that time limit. 
  • Payment may get rejected when you enter wrong details like the expiration date, CVV, etc.

You can also contact your bank or card provider and ask them to investigate on your behalf. 

If the issue persists due to a fault of the website interface, Resolver will help you connect with the right person.

You should know

As per the law, it is the responsibility of the seller or the manufacturer, to compensate for causing any harm to a consumer due to the supply of deficient service.

  1. Gather your paperwork related to the purchase of the service and contact the local seller from whom you made the purchase, whether online or offline. Most sellers have a complaint resolution mechanism in place, including refund and return policies which are communicated at the time of purchase.
  2. If the seller refuses to help you or does not provide satisfactory results, approach the customer care cell of the service provider and register an official complaint. You can also escalate the matter by approaching the corporate office of the service provider.
  3. Usually, the company will assist and resolve your issue within a reasonable time. If they fail to do so, or if you're not happy with the result, you can serve a months' notice to the company to allow them some time rectify the wrong- failing which, you may file a consumer case.
  4. Finally, you can take legal action against the business by filing a consumer case at an appropriate consumer forum.

If your grievance is against a theatre, you can approach the manager or the concerned theatre authority to raise an issue.

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