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If you are unsatisfied with the services of a private chartered aircraft provider, you should simply approach the contact person of the charter service company and submit your complaint. Since this is a private service, unlike scheduled airlines, there will be no nodal officer to approach. If your complaint is not resolved by the private jet company, then you can escalate the matter to the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Private chartered aircraft services offer a wide range of aircraft, jets, helicopters, etc. for private flying at a traveler’s chosen date and time. They are also bound to follow the safety and maintenance rules and regulations laid down by the DGCA. If an airline or a charter service company is found in violation of official regulation, their license may be canceled by the aviation authority.

How to submit a complaint against an air charter jet service?

  1. Contact the air charter jet service provider directly through a call or an email. Upon response, elucidate on your issue citing all relevant details related to your travel like the booking ID, date and time of booking, departure and arrival destinations, in-flight experience, facilities offered, etc.
  2. The service provider is expected to resolve your issue within a reasonable time. If they fail to provide a satisfactory resolution, or if they do not provide a solution at all, then you may approach the higher authority.
  3. You can escalate your matter to the DGCA by simply filling out a grievance redressal form or by contacting the authority through call or an email.
  4. DGCA would hold an inquiry into the matter and may take a final decision based on facts and circumstances. The authority may direct the airlines to pay compensation to the flier.
  5. DGCA has also set up a SUGAM portal for a speedy resolution of travelers’ complaints. With the new mechanism in place, consumer grievances are expected to be resolved within a fortnight.
  6. You can also file a consumer case at an appropriate consumer forum to claim compensation against an issue related to air charter & charter jet services. As per reports and statistics, a consumer case takes a minimum of 3 years to get resolved.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has also launched an AirSewa mobile phone app, where complaints related to air charter & charter jet services can be directly posted.

Who is the DGCA?

The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the chief regulator of the aviation industry in India. Every airline company has to follow the directives, rules and regulations as laid down by DGCA. It is responsible for the regulation of air transport services to/from/within India and for enforcement of civil air regulations, air safety, and airworthiness standards. The authority is also the chief investigator in case of mid-flight incidents and aircraft accidents.

How will DGCA help me?

The authority has appointed dedicated public grievance officers at various levels whose main job is to resolve consumer complaints. They also have a passenger grievance cell, through which a complaint is expected to be resolved within 15 days. Resolver can assist you in this process.

Do I have to pay for flight tickets?

No, when opting for a charter jet service, you hire the complete aircraft. You won’t be required to pay any additional ticket costs on such bookings. You only have to provide a passenger list and information for a safe experience.

If you have been asked to pay additionally for flight tickets, Resolver will assist you in solving this issue.

Can I cancel my booking at any time?

You may cancel your private jet charter booking ideally in advance i.e. before the departure time. This is so to prevent any unforeseen losses to the carrier company. The private air charter company may also levy a percentage of nonrefundable charges on your booking if you cancel at the last minute.

You can make changes to your booking by promptly contacting the charter service provider.

How can I check aircraft safety?

Chartered jet service providers have to comply with the following before scheduling a flight fit to fly:

  • A valid Air operator's certificate (AOC)
  • Maintenance as per DGCA/ICAO standards.

Regular checks take place to ensure that the aircraft is in good condition and fit to fly. Other than these compliances, service providers also have insurance to cover any loss or damage caused mid-flight.

Can weather affect my travel plans?

Sometimes, the weather may affect your flight. Your charter air service provider will you inform you of all weather-related complexities of your destination beforehand. The aircraft’s capabilities to tackle the weather would also be explained. Due to adverse weather conditions like heavy rainfall, dense fog, flooding, storm, etc., your flight might be affected. In which case, you should be offered to delay the flight until the weather improves or a drop off at a safer location near your destination. Since this is beyond the service provider’s control, check with your service provider for further details.

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